Utility Trailer Dry Vans

Innovation that lowers tare weight and increases strength


4000D (1)

With industry-leading materials that maximize strength and reduce tare weight, Utility dry vans are workhorses of the highway.

Special galvanized interior lining creates a snag-free wall for easy, efficient loading. Polyurethane foam cores help to reduce vibration and moisture, forming a high-strength composite wall in select models. The surfaces are reinforced with a corrosion-resistant coating to improve overall trailer lifespan.

Less maintenance and a longer lasting like-new appearance go a long way toward improving your fleet.

Each design concept that enters the highways undergoes rigorous tests that start with Utility's exclusive torture test track. Designs that perform well in these conditions make the best trailers for the road, which is a big part of what makes Utility trailers a leader in hauling cargo. Our trailers outlast and outperform other models because of a dedication to constant refinement.

In the end, that contributes to your fleet's success.

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