Partial Feature List

  • Aluminum Floor with Hardwood Nailing Strips
  • D.O.T. Rated Dock Bumper
  • Hendrickson® AANT 23K 121" Spread Air Ride Suspension
  • Plasma-Cut One-Piece Main Beam Webs
  • Utility-Designed Modular Electrical Harness
  • Aluminum Side Rail with Heavy-Duty Pipe Spools and Integral Winch Track


The 4000A flatbed trailer is very similar to the 4000S, but features plasma-cut beam webs composed of aluminum and steel for superior strength to weight ratio.

Features like the outrigger attachments are all aluminum on this model, as well as the trailer floor. This gives the flatbed excellent corrosion resistance and a very lightweight body.

Both of these result in lower cost of ownership and a better bottom line for your fleet.

Key features of the 4000A flatbed:

  • Aluminum floor with hardwood nailing strips
  • Contoured beam at rear for enhanced axle loading
  • DOT rated dock bumper
  • Durable paint process to prevent wear
  • Utility-designed modular electrical harness
  • Hendrickson ANT 23K 121" Spread Air Ride Suspension (reduces weight, minimizes fatigue cracking, extends service life)
  • 80,000 pounds distributed load capacity

As with the 4000S flatbed, a key component of any flatbed is how the electrical system is handled. Because there is no roof any rain or weather conditions will affect both the cargo and the trailer bed itself more than a dry van. Electrical failures due to corrosion or water-based shorts can ruin an otherwise smooth haul.

In our rigorous testing on our exclusive R&D track we found that the best way to deal with this is to keep the wires and solder points contained internally. This way any moisture or corrosive compounds that come in contact with the connectors won't leak onto the wires. It's a much better situation for rain and de-icing additives used on trailers in colder months.

The 4000A is truly a premium master of the highway, able to carry heavy duty loads and reduce tare weight. And with optional extras like enhanced lighting, tool boxes, single wide tires, and tire inflation systems it can be a true game changer for trucking fleets.

Contact us today to learn more about the Utility 4000A flatbed trailer and how it can improve the bottom line of your hauling!




Every trailer manufactured and sold by Utility Trailer Manufacturing Company is backed by a 5-year warranty policy.