Drop Deck

Partial Feature List

  • 100% Plug-in Connectors
  • 6,500 lbs Working Load Limit Rated Pipe Spools
  • Contoured Beam at Rear for Proper Axle Loading
  • Higher Quality Paint Process for Lower Life Cycle Costs
  • Integral Winch Track
  • Microencapsulated Adhesive on All Screws


The drop deck flatbed is designed to carry large or awkward loads -- often construction materials. An integrated winch track makes loading easier for heavy cargo.

One thing of particular importance when you're dealing with an exposed trailer is the electrical system. Rain and other weather elements can be an issue if the wiring isn't secure. Our flatbed trailers  feature a 100$ soldered modular electrical system, so the connectors are all internal. Wet or corrosive materials won't travel from connection points to the internal wiring, making the trailer even more rugged in inclement weather.

These touches are often the product of Utility's field testing at an exclusive test track. Prototype designs are put through rigorous testing before they are approved for public use, and many times the minor tweaks that make all the difference are thought of in these trials.

Other key features include:

  • 6500 pound load limit rated pipe spools
  • Aluminum front rail
  • Contoured beam at rear for better axle loading
  • Rugged outrigger attachments
  • Micro-encapsulated adhesive on all screws
  • Durable paint for longer life

Our ongoing research and development helps us create unrivaled trailers that outlast and outperform other models in their class. A fleet's success is tied to the uptime and reliability of its trucks and trailers. Utility has taken that point to heart with a constant dedication to the most efficient, most reliable trailers in the United States.

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Every trailer manufactured and sold by Utility Trailer Manufacturing Company is backed by a 5-year warranty policy.