Partial Feature List

  • Curtains Built For Durability and Load Protection
  • High Strength-to-Weight Ratio Platform
  • Quality Curtains, 50% Stronger Than Others
  • Quick Deliverability — Immediate Accessibility
  • Superior Cargo Protection — Just Like A Van
  • Superstructure Provides Greater Strength With Less Weight


Utility Trailer Tautliner

When it comes to the convenience of a curtainsided trailer, you want the very best construction available. By using the leading trailer technology, the Tautliner is both lighter and stronger than the trailers of yesteryear.

The Tautliner's upper structure is designed with reinforced aluminum, supported by roof bows and top rails with an excellent strength-to-weight ratio. This means a trailer that is lightweight and efficient to haul, as well as ruggedly solid.

The curtain sides are heat and wear resistant, reinforced with a PVC-coated polyester 3x2 weave for 50% more strength than the standard 2x2 weave. This allows the curtains to be full load-bearing to better protect your cargo. Some fleets are reluctant to add a curtain-style trailer for structural support reasons, but with the Tautliner you can rest assured that every care has been taken to ensure a strong, solid trailer for all types of hauls.

Tautliner Sizes and Applications

The Tautliner is available in a range of sizes to meet almost any application. Built on the rugged 4000A flatbed, this trailer has everything you need to reliably haul all kinds of cargo for many years.

"Loads like a flatbed; protects like a van."

Utility Tautliner loads like a flatbed and protects like a van

The incredibly strong side curtains combine the protection you'd expect from a premium trailer solution with the ease of loading often found in smaller vehicles. Fleet deadlines aren't met by efficient driving alone. At Utility we understand that everything from loading to unloading matters. A faster mechanism for doing those things speeds up the whole process, and well-protected cargo means no disappointments at the destination.

Utility maintains a dedicated research and development facility where we run rigorous tests. This is how we can ensure the highest quality standards and remain on the cutting edge of trailer design technology.




Every trailer manufactured and sold by Utility Trailer Manufacturing Company is backed by a 5-year warranty policy.