Utility Trailer Reefers

The most reliable reefers in history

Utility Trailer Reefers - The most reliable reefers in history.

When it comes to refrigerated cargo, Utility Reefers embody the highest quality design and efficiency. For over 100 years Utility has been committed to making the lightest, most durable trailers available.

Utility refrigerated trailers mean lower cost of ownership, better resale value, and greater efficiency. As much as one of these premium trailers bears a striking appearance on the road, speaking to commitment to quality, it's also a sensible hauling solution for discerning customers.

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What makes a Utility Reefer excel?

The Hendrickson ULTRAA-K 40K Air Ride suspension system features a heavy duty slider box with an air-operated pull-in mechanism. This improves driving comfort and load protection, as well as a sharper turning radius. For city driving with changing lanes and potentially tight turns, this is a significant step forward in ease of use.

The trailer floor is composed of a patented 16,000 pound capacity hardwood, with aluminum I-cores in the rear. With this type of setup, worries about whether a given load will work in your trailer are over.

Every inch of the inside is insulated with foam and void-free. This 360 degree coverage keeps the cold in, with no joints to be foam later after purchase. When you have a trailer with optimal thermal efficiency, your operating costs will be lower each year. Not to mention that the less your refrigeration system has to work to keep the trailer cold the longer it will last.

Even the rear doors are designed to sandwich, overlapping sections of foam insulation to form a strong seal when closed. All door hardware is mounted without "thru-holes", which keeps moisture and varying temps out of the insulation. Everything is sealed and secure to provide the best refrigerated hauling experience.

Utility refrigerated trailers have been leaders in the industry for over 20 years.

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