Utility Trailer Flatbeds

Delivering unparalleled performance and productivity

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Utility brand flatbeds are true workhorses of the road. From the protruded aluminum floors to the modular electrical system, every aspect of the trailer is designed for ease of use and efficiency.

The hat-shaped flange of the drop deck flatbedĀ boasts an amazing 80,000 psi toughness that, when attached to the extruded aluminum floor, provides significant lateral stability. This is important to prevent teetering on turns or windy days, keeping the attached semi truck more in control and safer for the driver.

Heavy duty aluminum pipe spools are robotically welded to the side rails on 24 inch centers, which contribute to the 6,500 pound load limit.

The modular electrical system we mentioned above uses 100% internally soldered connectors, which helps prevent corrosion from the elements and from de-icing chemicals often used on the trailer from getting inside. Few things can bring an otherwise successful haul to a stop faster than a shorted electrical system -- particularly during inclement weather.

Utility flatbeds, like all our trailers, are tested extensively at the corporate research and development facility. Because each trailer type undergoes rigorous trials for various use cases, the finished product is a testament to engineering and safety.

Utility Trailer's proprietary test track has churned out some of the most successful trailers in the U.S. that outwork and outlast the competition.

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