Partial Feature List

  • Bendix® TABS-6 Advanced with Trailer Roll Stability Program
  • 100% LED Lighting
  • 5-1/2" Deep Extruded Aluminum Cross Members
  • Diagonal Reinforcing Gussets on Slider Rails
  • Hendrickson® ULTRAA-K™ 40K Air Ride & Slider System
  • Impact-Absorbing Rear Gusset
  • Premium 5-Year Wheel End System
  • Tensioned Roof Skin
  • Utility-designed Rear Barrier Door®


As the #1 selling refrigerated van in North America, the Utility 3000R Reefer embodies a philosophy of continuous refinement. With touches like corrosion-resistant materials, premium slider system, and full LED lighting, this trailer sets the standard for modern trucking.

Safety is obviously important, and the 3000R features roll stability technology for maximum control on the highway. By combining anti-lock braking with trailer sensors that monitor load stability, adjustments like brake intervention can keep things efficient and effective. If the driver needs to make a hard or swerve to avoid something in a way that may create an unsafe sway, the stability system can work in tandem with the driver's reaction speed to maintain safe operation.

The rear door frame is composed of stainless steel. This offers superior protection for the cargo in all types of weather. To further improve strength without adding excessive weight, the 3000R also features 5-1/2" deep extruded aluminum cross members. In addition to being strong and very corrosion resistant, aluminum is much lighter than steel.

A commitment to refrigerated van innovation for over 100 years.

Utility's continual improvements to refrigerated trailers mean a lower cost of ownership overall. By making trailers with more durable materials to reduce wear and by making the trailers lighter and more efficient to haul, a fleet's bottom line improves immediately.

Each 3000R features a 360 degree seal with foam, ensuring there are no voids or joints to foam later. Thermal efficiency is maximized, requiring less energy to keep the van cool. The rear doors overlap as they close, and sandwich by foam sections to complete the seal. Normally doors are the weak links in this type of setup, but the 3000R's design has dealt with this challenge through design. That's peace of mind for you.

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Every trailer manufactured and sold by Utility Trailer Manufacturing Company is backed by a 5-year warranty policy.