3000R Multi-Temp

Partial Feature List

  • Air Ride Suspension
  • Landing Leg Support and Bracing
  • Foam Mandrel with Foam-In-Place Insulation
  • 5/16" Thick Dock Board Guide Plates
  • Highest-Rated Floor System
  • Integrated Heavy-Duty 10" High Wearband
  • Thermal Barriers
  • Tensioned Roof Skin


Featuring the same refinements for efficiency as the 3000R refrigerated van, the 3000R Multi-Temp van is available in different configurations for your specific hauling needs. The Multi-Temp van allows for differing climates within the trailer that are ideal for mixed loads without having to use separate trucks for each.

Aluminum frame reinforcements and rugged stainless steel doors keep everything solid during a haul. Advanced stability sensor systems build upon this concept, monitoring load sway during turns to help avoid unsafe conditions.

Efficient Climate and Storage Functions

Partition systems keep cargo that needs to stay cold isolated from other items. This is good for the refrigerated cargo itself, but also reduces operating costs by removing the need to cool the entire van if only a section actually needs refrigeration.

Factory installed remote evaporators  are located throughout the van to help control temperature and humidity in all types of load configurations. With temperature management systems running alongside them, technology ensures quality transport for any cargo you need to haul.

Safety and Protection for Loading and Unloading

But the 3000R Multi-Temp's refinements aren't simply for jobs in motion. Features like walk ramps can be installed on side and rear door configurations to make loading and unloading simpler. Dump valves located near the wheels help stabilize the trailer during loading, which is a big safety feature while carrying heavy objects in or out of the van area.

Other design elements like reinforced corner plates made of aluminum (in diamond patterns) protect against obstructions. If these corners are bumped during loading or parking, the aluminum plating helps prevent scuffs and dents to keep the trailer looking good and requiring less maintenance.

And when the van is parked or stopped temporarily during a haul? Electric standby refrigeration units offer significant fuel savings. If your fleet transports refrigerated cargo often, this can have a potent effect on your bottom line.

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