4000D-X Composite® Specs

Floor Joint Sealant Caulking Applied Prior to Assembly between each Joint
Floor Type 1-3/8" Laminated Hardwood Floor with 2 Screws per Board
Floor Undercoat Pre-Coated with Black Sealer on Bottom of Wood Floor
Front Corner Post .080" Extruded Aluminum 4-3/4" Radius Front Corner Posts
Front Wall Lining Two .016" grade 80 galvanized (G40) steel panels pre-painted white with rolled edges and 14" high galvanized steel grad 80 wearband
Front Wall Posts (4) 2" 14 Gauge High Strength 50 Steel Hat-Shaped Front Wall Posts
Hendrickson Air Ride Systems with Integral Axes Hendrickson® HKANT 40K Air Ride/Slider System
Hub Piloted System with Outboard Drums Outboard Cast Drums for 16-1/2" × 7" Brakes
Inside Width 101" Inside Width at Wearband
Length 53' 0" Overall Length
Lower Clearance Lights Grote® Micronova® LED PC-Rated Light
Main Harness Utility Moisture-Resistant 6-Wire Harness with Internal Ground and 7-Way Plug
Oil Seals National® 5 Star Oil Seal for 5-year Warranty
Overall Height 13' 6" Overall Height on 46-1/2" 5th Height
Rear Case & Buckplate Material Satin Finish Stainless Steel Rear Door Frame and Buckplate
Rear Door Hinges 4 Aluminum Rear Door Hinges per Door
Rear Door Lock Rods 1 per Door
Rear Door Type 1/2" Composite Rear Swing Doors
Rear Header Clearance Lights Grote Micronova LED Grommet-Mounted Rear Header Identification/Clearance
Rear Subframe Finish Rust Preventative Coating
Rear Treadplate .219" High Strength × 27" Deep Steel Rear Threshold Integral with Rear Buckplate
Roof Bows 1-1/16" Anti-Snag Galvanized Steel Roof Bows 16" Center Line; (Front and Rear Subframe 24" Center Line) Bonded to Roof Skin
Side Panels Composite Panel Side Wall Design with Injected Polyurethane Foam Core; Pre-Painted White .040" Aluminum Exterior Side Wall Panels
Side Posts 3/8" 14 Gauge High Strength Galvanized Hat-Shaped 24" Center Line; (Front and Rear Subframe 16" Center Line) with "A" Slots on 8" Vertical Center Line. Posts on 12" Center Line at extreme Front Panel
Side Wall Lining Pre-painted White Galvanized Steel "Anti-Snag" Side Wall Lining
Slider Pin Release Mechanism Hendrickson Quik-Draw® Air-Operated Slider Repositioning System
Slider Suspension Location 70" Rear and 166" Forward Suspension Location for 96" of Slider Travel
Stop/Tail/Turn Light Configuration Grote 4" LED Stop/Tail/Turn Lights
Support Leg Finish Rust Preventative Coating
Wearband 18 Gauge 12" High Corrugated Steel
Cross Members Legs to Rear Subframe 4" Steel 80,000 psi I-Beam Cross members with 4 Rivet End Clips on 12" Center Line




Every trailer manufactured and sold by Utility Trailer Manufacturing Company is backed by a 5-year warranty policy.