Tautliner® Specs

Conduit Utility Black Enamel Finish with Primer Undercoat on all Steel Show Surfaces; Aluminum Parts in Natural Finish. Black Rust Preventative Coating on Cross members, Undercarriage and Inboard Surface on Main Beams.
Cross Members 3" Steel I-Beam Cross members on 16" Center Line Full Length (Rearmost 3 Cross members on 12" Center Line)
Curtain Color White
Curtain Material Cross-linked Rip Stop Polyester
Curtain Rollers Nylon Curtain Roller
Curtain Wearbands 10" Double-Thick Curtain
Deck Type 4" Wedge
Floor Type 1-1/8" Extruded Aluminum Flat Top Floor Full Width (Provides a 9,000 lb Fork Truck Front Axle Load)
Front Corner Post 7 Gauge Formed Steel
Front Gooseneck Depth 8-5/8" Front Gooseneck Depth
Front Panels .050" Pre-painted White Aluminum
Front Subframe Assembly Finish 1/4" Steel Approach Plate
Front Wall Attachment Grote® Sealed Beam 2-1-2-3 Clearance Light Package (11 lights total)
Front Wall Lining 1/4" Plywood
Front Wall Posts 2" Extruded Aluminum
Gross Vehicle Weight Rating 65,000 lbs GVWR
Hendrickson Air Ride Systems with Integral Axes 5" Diameter Axle
Hub Piloted System with Outboard Drums Outboard Cast Drums for 16-1/2" × 7" Brakes
Kingpin Type 1/2" × 4" 80,000 psi High-Tensile Steel Bottom Flange
Length 53' 0"
Main Harness Utility Moisture Resistant 6-Wire Cable Harness with Internal Ground and 7-Way Plug
Oil Seals National® 5 Star Oil Seal for 5-year Warranty
Outriggers 3 Aluminum Tube Outriggers Each Side
Overall Height 13' 6" on a 48" Fifth
Payload Capacity 55,000 lbs Payload Capacity
Pelmet Heavy-Duty Rubber
Rear Case & Buckplate Material Carbon Steel
Rear Case Corner Posts & Header Quick Release Rear Corner Post
Rear Door Hinges 4 Rear Door Hinges
Rear Door Lock Rods 1 Rear Door
Rear Door Panels 3/4" Ply Metal
Roof Exterior Finish 1-3/8" Extruded Aluminum Hat-Shaped Bows on 24" Center Line
Roof Skin .040" Aluminum
Rubber Dock Bumpers on Rear Rail (2) 3-1/2" Rubber Bumpers Mounted on Rear Rail
Side Posts 2 Removable Side Posts on each Side
Side Rail 5-3/8" Deep Tautliner Extruded Aluminum Full Length Side Rail with Integral Winch Track on Road Side and Curb Side
Slider Suspension Location 69" Rear and 159" Forward Suspension Location for 90" of Slider Travel
Spring Suspension Holland Binkley SP9000 Series Spring Suspension
Springs 3 Leaf Steel Springs
Stop/Tail/Turn Light Configuration Grote 4" LED Stop/Tail/Turn Lights
Top Flange Hat Section 80,000 psi High-Tensile Steel Top Flange
Top Front & Top Side Rail Finish Extruded Aluminum
Vertical Tensioning Strap 1-3/4" Wide Nylon on 24" Center Line (each Strap is rated at 2,500 lbs)





Every trailer manufactured and sold by Utility Trailer Manufacturing Company is backed by a 5-year warranty policy.